Career path

Junior Consultant/ Assistant

In this position, graduates of universities start their careers. They carry out their tasks in project teams, with the support of experienced employees. They have the opportunity to acquire and deepen Their substantive knowledge through participation in numerous trainings and conferences.

Consultant/ Specialist

Employees with at least two years of experience will be promoted to Consultant/Specialist position. The employee in this position is responsible for the independent performance of substantive tasks with the participation of the project team.

Senior Consultant/ Senior Specialist

After one year of performing tasks as a Consultant or Specialist, there is a possibility of promotion to the position of Senior Consultant / Senior Specialist. This position requires independence in the department and prepares for the role of Manager.


The Manager is responsible for the substantive correctness, supervising ath the same time the work of his/her subordinates. His tasks also include taking care of the development of co-workers and striving for their independence. He is responsible for carrying out work for clients.

Senior Manager

An experienced Manager has a chance to be promoted to the position of Senior Manager. He sets the directions of the entire team's activities and makes strategic decisions. He is responsible for co-operation with a wide range of clients.


A Senior Manager with at least three years of experience has the opportunity to be promoted to the position of Director. His tasks include the management of the entire department and subordinate staff. In addition, he is responsible for acquiring new clients and representing the company in dealing with strategic clients.


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