Appointed earlier this year to represent the network in Kenya, Ashwin Brothers has celebrated its 50th anniversary at a special event in Nairobi.


Recognition was duly extended to the founder of the practice, the late Ramanbhai C. Patel, who established Ashwin Brothers in 1967.

Speaking at the event, Reena Nagda, partner at Ashwin Brothers, said: “We attribute our growth not to our brilliance, but to our commitment, your support and loyalty.”

Senior partner, Ashwin Patel added: “Every business needs to benchmark 50 years as a minimum achievement as a start. Indeed, businesses that have survived have a solid record of high standards of ethical values and uncompromising integrity with priority to provide solutions to clients’ needs. Trust is an engine of growth. Delivery of deliverables in not exceptional. It is the norm. Taking responsibility to guide clients at every turn has always been our driving force.”

Russell Bedford CEO, Stephen Hamlet, added: “I’d like to extend my congratulations to the entire team at Ashwin Brothers on such momentous occasion. Reaching the significant milestone of 50 years is a huge achievement in the lifetime of any business; one of which everyone should be very proud, and we feel extremely privileged to have this Top 10 firm in our network. Congratulations to you all!”


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