Our History

Recognizing the possibilities offered by the new restructuring law, having comprehensive experience in the field of law, taxation, and management accounting.



Our experts specialize in the daily topics related to the restructuring of enterprises, tracking changes that occur in this area.


Our team

Our team is a group of the best experts and specialists in their field. We strive to build relationships within the company so that the client can see at first glance that the atmosphere is professional.


About us

Wellcome to Russell Bedford International, the network of independent accountants, auditors, tax advisors. We have been advising in financial and business area for about thirty years. Our clients are entities representing wide spectrum of markets and areas all over the world.

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The views expressed in this magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Russell Bedford International or its member firms. The information contained in the publication is provided for general purposes only and does not constitute professional accounting, tax, business or legal advice.

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